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FRP classroom buildings
2012-06-07 22:55:19

Future Systems Architects and CETEC (now White Young Green) designed some FRP modular classroom buildings, which formed part of a government funded 'Future Classrooms' project in the UK. The complete structure was factory moulded including the outer shell structure and internal linings, enabling rapid site assembly. This produced an efficient three-dimensional shell structure,without any separate internal frames.
In the initial project two classroom buildings were produced and these were very well received by teachers and pupils alike. They help to produce an inspirational learning environment and encourage creativity in the  children using them.
The first two classrooms were produced using simple hand lay-up moulding techniques, but if they were mass produced then clearly they would benefit from investment in tooling and production engineering to automate
the moulding process using techniques such as resin transfer moulding (RTM) to reduce costs.

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