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Advantages of FRP in buildings
2012-05-02 21:49:24

FRP composites such as pultruded fiberglass have numerous potentialadvantages in building construction,including the following:
Offsite fabrication and modularconstruction
• better quality control;
• improved health & safety;
• faster build times;
• manufacture can take place concurrentlywith ground-works on site;
• services can be factory fitted into thestructure;
• ability to automate and mechaniseproduction.
Reduced mass
• easier, faster and more economicinstallation – smaller cranes required;
• ability to bring larger sections to site,reducing assembly time and cost;
• less disruption during installation;
• reduction in size and cost of supportingstructure, foundations, etc;
• reduced energy in transportation to site.
Superior durability
• resistant to atmospheric degradation;
• reduction in maintenance requirements;
• reduction in through-life costs and disruption.

Proposed redevelopment of Battersea Power Station, London. (Picture courtesy of Future Systems.)

Figure 1: Furture building construction by FRP profiles
Ability to mould complex forms
• new aesthetic possibilities;
• geometrically more efficient solutions.Special surface finishes and effects
• ability to integrate special finishes anda very wide variety of unusual effects;
• simulation of traditional materialssuch as stone or granite.Improved thermal insulation and lack of cold bridging
• reduction in carbon emissions and running costs;
• sustainability;
• low embedded energy;
• possibility of recycling;
• possible use of natural fibres and resins

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