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Product Description

Craft and raw materials:

FRP rebar is made from high strength glass fiber and polyester resin, vinyl easter resin and epoxy resin by pultrusion and winding process.


Jinglue produces FRP rebar with many specifications, from 3mm to 32mm. These high quality rebar can meet the structure requirements.



In comparison with steel rebar, FRP rock rebar has many advantages. Gradually FRP rebar replaces the steel rebar in some special area, such as in electro and magnetic environment......

In all, FRP rebar is best suited in applications that require high tensile strength and the particular properties of fiberglass materials. Applied correctly they contribute substantially to the reduction of project cost.



The FRP rebar are widely used as support, strengthening in roadbed, port, coastal levee, subway, etc.

------surface strengthening of road, bridge,etc.

------corrosive environment like sewage project, chemical plant.

------electro and magnetic environment like military engineering,etc.

------normal building applications

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