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Product Description

Craft and raw materials

For meeting special requirements in different occasions, customer designed a series of non-standard FRP pultrusion profiles which are also manufactured with the pultrusion process after choosing the correct raw materials major including the resin, fibers and additivesaccording to the profiles requirement including mechanical strength, electrical insulation, anti-corrosion etc.



Jinglue profiles can meet the customer’s requirements by using different combination of resin, fibers and others. When the customer is in designing, please refer to FRP Property List.



Jinglue profiles offer a unique combination of chemical resistance, size stability, high strength, and thermal/electric non-conductivity…..



Jinglue FRP Cable Trays are widely used in the fields of chemical anti-corrosion, waste water treatment, electric insulation, telecommunications, etc.

Design flexibility

Jinglue pultrusion process offers the designer major freedom regarding the geometry, properties and design of the finished solution. Fiber, resin and additives can be combined in innumerable ways so that the finished profiles meet specific requirements and have the optimum blend of properties for the specific products. 
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