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Advantages of FRP rebar
2012-05-28 09:21:18

Advantages of FRP rebar

1. Low weight and high strength

FRP rebar has double the strength of standard steel, but only a quarter of the weight. The low weight facilitates handling. FRP rebar is produced using high quality fibres, with a high fibre content of approximately 80%. The fibers are embedded in either a polyester or winylester or epoxy resin matrix. This gives the rod a high tensile strength prominient in the longitudinal directions.

2. Corrosion-resistance

FRP rebar is corrosion resistant and therefore the only currently available system which can be regarded as permanent, even under difficult conditions with aggressive water and rock deformations. These products are used more and more increasingly for soil strengthening.

3. Excellent cuttability

FRP rebar is easy to cut and that can help to protect the toolbit of cutter.


Reinforcement of beams and columns are the basic cases of application and here the special reinforcement of concrete plates on an airfield. Due to the necessity of a non-magnetic section, FRP reinforcement and all other parts must all be free from steel completely.

5. High thermal isolation

FRP material has a significantly lower thermal conductivity than steel which avoids thermal bridges or heat transfer.

6. No electrical conductivity

FRP material is electric isolating, so no electric flow will take place in the materials.

7. UV protection(optional)

FRP products can be treated with a special UV protection, so the resin will not degrade when exposed to sunlight.

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